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Ready to make your project soar?
Then choose from any of the following options: if you prefer to talk to someone, then call us on 012 335 9795. Some people prefer not to deal with people, so you are welcome to also send us a message on the enquiry form. Also, if you have your architect plans ready for us to quote on, then also use the enquiry form, click on the Choose File button right at the bottom to select your file and hit Submit.

At BTB Supplies, we are committed to delivering a professional service of outstanding quality while involving you every step of the way.

After all, it’s your project and your dream – we’re just providing you with the means to get there!

Bester Truss and Building Supplies (Pty) Ltd
189 Fred Nicholson Street,
Les Marais, Pretoria, 0084.

Telephone: 012 335 9795
Fax: 012 335 6993

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